There are numerous ways to save water heating bill. Here we pick up the most useful and effective ways that are tested by our professional team.

May it can play an important role to lower your electric bill. Keep the article and find out the ways to get rid of the extra water heating bill.

16 Ways to Save Water Heating Bill

Install Water Heater Timer

Tank water heaters don’t take a single break from their duty. They keep the tank full of water at a specific temperature all over the day.

It wastes energy to heating water while you are sleeping or busy with works. That’s definitely an energy and money-wasting process.

If you are using a Tankless Water Heater, you are separate from this issue. You don’t have to think about this deal and you can skip this step.

Whether there is a conventional water storage tank on your water heater, install a voltmeter on this tank. You can set a program to turn off the water heater according to your work schedule.

It will be turned off automatically through the timer when you are busy with your office work. So this water heater timer is a pretty smart option to slash water heating bills.

Install Water Heater Timer - ways to save water heater bill

Insulate your Water Heater Tanks and Pipes

Electric water heaters manufacturer created a great opportunity for its users. They manufactured new water heaters with heating insulation materials to make it well insulated. This insulation technology prevents losing the hot water temperature.

If you are using an older water heater, this one won’t cover the insulation materials. So it loses the temperature of hot water. As a result, you have to pay an extra bill to make your shower water uniform hotter.

You can insulate your water heater tank to prevent hearing loss. As well as, you can insulate the water supply pipes around your home.

By insulating your water heater tank and pipes, you can get hot water in a specified temperature without paying an extra bill.

Install a Tankless Water Heater

As you know, the water heater heats the full tank of water at a specified temperature throughout the day. It costs around 20% – 30% of the monthly electricity bill to provide hot water in your home.

Whether you are using a tankless water heater, it will run when you turn on our faucet. So it will take rest often the time of the days. That means it doesn’t use electricity throughout the day.

That is a great offer to save your water heating bill. By installing a Tankless water heater, you can save up to 5% of your water heating bill.

Drain the Sediment of your Water Tank

Sediment makes over duty on a water heater to provide hot water at a uniform temperature. It needs to drain out within a specific time period. Though the manufacturer recommended draining the sediment at least twice in a year, it needs to be drained out quarterly.

Because the sediment works harder to provide hot water. If you don’t drain it within a certain time period, it will make a large utility of electric bill and short your water heater lifespan.

Though it is important maintenance of the water heater, it doesn’t take more time. You can drain out the sediment in 15 minutes. So keep draining the sediment every now and then.

Set Heat Traps on your Water Tank

Do you know? Heat can escape through your hot water outlet pipe or cold weather can enter your inlet pipe. Both are obstructions for your water heater.

So your water heater spends more energy to provide the hot water with uniform temperature. That makes extra costs to get hot water at a specified temperature entire the house.

If you don’t use the heat traps on your water supply pipes connection. It is a big enemy to make your extra electricity bill. So you should install heat traps on these connections to save electric bills.


Use Energy-Efficient appliances

Using energy-efficiency appliances is a solid solution to lower your monthly electricity bill. Though you have taken all kinds of steps except it, you can’t save your electric bill.

Several home appliances make the extra costs to provide digital facilities. You can contact a professional plumber to discuss and know about “which appliances are responsible to make a high electric bill”.

If you are eager to save your water heating bill, you should replace these appliances with energy-efficient appliances throughout your home.

Install Low-flow Showerhead

We used to take a shower for a long time as spend a large amount of hot water. It has become a daily habit. We can’t change our daily habits in a short time.

But we can maintain this habit with an efficient amount of hot water. It is a great way to save to water heating bill.

Whether you have used a high flow shower head in your bath. Replace it with a low-flow shower-head. That will conserve hot water less than the older one.

Fix Water Lines Leaks

Water lines leak is a dangerous issue for water heater users. Do you know? A leak in the pipe-line drops 1 drip per second as 60 drips in a minute.

According to the American water works association, 1 drip in a second costs $1 per month. If there is a single leak in your water lines, which spend 3,153 Gallons of water in a year.

Can you imagine? How much of money you waste for your water line leak. Whether the leaks on hot water supply lines it makes double cost belongs to the water heating bill.

So you ought to fix the water lines leaks and solve the leaking issue by hiring a professional plumber.

Install Low-flow fixtures

Using low-flow fixtures throughout the house definitely a great way to save water heating bills. Whether you are using old model fixtures that are manufactured around 2000, it is not good for your electric bill.

Though you are using these old fixtures to create a landlord scene on your home, this is a big option to make a large amount of electric bill.

If you want to know the ways to save water heating bill, you need to replace these old twice water shower faucets or fixtures. And install low-flow fixtures throughout your house.

Run Washing Machine on “Cold”

Whether you have a large family and you have washed a large number of laundries at a warm cycle. Do you know about the cost to run a washer machine in a warm cycle? It costs 10-15% of the electricity for your monthly electricity costs.

But it is too less on the cold cycle than the warm cycle. You can save up to 5% cost by running your washer machine on a cold cycle.

There are several laundry loads that can be handled with a cold cycle in your washer machine. If you can continuously use the cold setting for your large amount of laundry, you will see a noticeable change in your monthly water heating bill.

washing machine

Run the Water Heater in Low Temperature

May you run your water heater in 120 degrees Fahrenheit? But do you know? 110 degree F in enough heat for your daily work.

Do you know? lowering 10 degrees F temperature on your water heater you can save 3-5% water heating costs. If you can use hot water on this lower temperature for now and then, you can see a big change in your next moth electricity bill. So you can try it now.

Fix Leaky Faucets

Is there any kind of leaky faucets in your home that you have been putting off? Now you should consider these faucets. Because a faucet with slow leaks drops 60 drips per minute that wastes 3,153 gallons of hot water in a single year.

That means you paid a huge amount of electricity bill without using this water. Do you want to know your leaky faucets waste how much of money?

Visit the official website to calculate your costs for faucet leaks. Is it a huge amount? So you should fix the leaks faucets and replace these with a new one.

Upgrade your Dishwasher

Keep updating your bathroom fixtures is one of the best ways to get a solid service from there. If there is anyone of old fixtures manufactured before 2000.

They have provided interrupted service to you and make a huge cost on the electricity bills. So you ought to replace these bathroom fixtures with low-flow models.

If your dishwasher is an old model, replace this with an updated dishwasher. Which is an energy-efficiency model and helps you to reduce your electricity bill.

Be Careful of Running Water

There are several times of a Day when we waste a vast amount of water without using it. If you can give up this worse habit, you will see a significant change on your next electricity bill.

As like when you are brushing your teeth, washing your hands, and doing the dishes, you can turn off the water faucets when you are not actually using it.

Even after wetting your hands don’t let the water run just away. Cut off it until you need it again. Your careful water use can be saved your water heating bill.

Find ways to use less hot water

Using hot water belongs to both lifting costs and water heating costs. So you should be mindful to using hot water.

Try to find out the ways to use less hot water on your daily task. Like you can wash your laundry in cold water, run the dishwasher when it is full. You should find out the opportunities to slash your hot water usage. That will help you to lower your water heating bill.

Use More Energy Efficiency Water Heater

There are several electrical water heaters available on the market that are more efficient than the older water heater. If you are using an older electric water heater which provides services for a long time.

Now it is time to replace this water heater with the best electric water heater.



You can buy a Tankless water heater which is more energy-efficient and capable to supply endless hot water on your demand.

So now you have a clear understanding of what causes the water heating bill high, and you find the possible ways to save water heating bill and stop it. You can check our latest article on the best electric tankless water heater.