Installing a propane power tankless water heater is not an easy task for newbie as well as expert peoples, but in this guide, we are going to cover how to install propane tankless water heater properly with easy steps.

There are many types and models of tankless water heater offer using propane or natural gas. Using a half-inch gas line by using a negative pressure gas valve on its exhaust system fan to pull gas in and stabilize it at 190 kilos Btu.

If you are eligible to install a tankless water heater with propane, it is a great offer to you. By upgrading to a propane tankless water heater, you can save a big amount of yearly electric billing system.

Tips On How to Install Propane Tankless Water Heater

Make a platform for a propane tank and water heater

Before start the propane tank installation, first, you should make a platform for this tank, so that it will set properly on this platform.

Make a flat platform with bricks or cinder blocks, as if it is stable and level. May your propane tank needs at least 10 feet distance from the water heater.

Some municipalities might require a distance of more than 10 feet. So you ought to check your local regulations. And the platform should not be under an awning or lower than other shelters that exhaust vented gas from the propane tank.

Make another platform with lumber for your tankless water heater on the wall. Screw it tightly against the wall so that it can bear the water heater.

Place and set up the Propane Tank

Now place your propane tank and water heater on their own platform and set up them with a screw. You should screw it tightly with the platform. Be careful to place the propane tank as it gets damaged or unusable.

Make a trench between the water heater and propane tank

Make a trench about a 12-inch-deep between the water heater and the propane tank. Some water heater might require more depth, so you should check your local regulations.

Make ready the pipes

It’s turned to make ready the pipes to join together and connect with the water heater and the propane tank. There are several works to make ready the pipes.

Use the plumber’s paste on the threading point of both ends and screw the elbows onto each side of 10-feet pipes.

Make sure that both elbows face in the same direction when completely install with the other one. Hold tightly or use a pipe wrench on the union fittings to tighten them.

Again smear plumber’s paste at inches of 20-inches pipes one end and screw it with elbows. Repeat it at the other end of this 10-feet pipe.

how to install propane tankless water heater

Join the pipes together

Now it turns to join the pipes together and set in the trench.

Place the assembly pipe into the trench and join 2 pipes together at the pointed up. You can use a piece of tape over the connection of the pipe to ensure there is no debris or dirt falls into the pipes while you are complete the installation. But you should take off the tape before screwed on additional places.

Smear the plumber’s paste on threading pipe near the heater and screw the shut-off valve on there. You ought to be used a pipe wrench on each side of the union tight them.

Place the paste on the threaded side of the male pipe to the flare adapter and screw it on the top of the gas valve.

Now spread the plumber’s paste on both ends of inches nipple and screw it the side of your water heater control box. And screw the other end with female pipe to flare adapter.

Screw one end of the flare-to-flare flexible gas piping with the adapter and screw another end with the top of the shut-off valve. Make sure the paste spread on both threading ends of this pipe.

You should use the plumber’s paste before screw the pipes and pipe fittings.

Connect the pipes with a propane tank and the water heater

After making ready the pipes, you can connect these with your water heater and the propane tank.

Now you can screw the last elbow into the open pipe of the propane tank.

Then screw the open side of the elbow with male pipe to flare threaded end.

Spread the paste on the threading of the pressure regulator pipe and screw it with the pipe to flare the adaptor open side. You should be careful about rainwater will not percolate into the device through the vent pipe.

Screw one end of flare to flare a flexible regulator connection into the outlet side of the pressure regulator and connect the other end into the propane tank outlet. If you using a portable tank don’t smear the paste on these fittings.

Now open the propane tank valve with a round handle on the top of the propane tank. And connect the shut-off valve into the water heater line to pressurize the waterline.

Make sure you have used the plumber’s paste on the end of pipes or fittings before screw it on the propane tank or water heater.

Check the connection

Your Propane tankless water heater installation is almost done. Before finish the task you should check the connection for its leak.

You can make a solution with 2 spoon soap in a cup of water to check all union connections for leaks.

If any kinds of bubbles are visible on this connection, you should close the leaks before start the water heater.

Now you need to cover the pipes with hard material or fill up the trench with inoffensive materials that are not harmful to pipes assembly.

Start the water heater

You have successfully passed all steps to install the propane tankless water heater. Now it is turn to start the water and get hot water with a comfortable temperature.



We think this guideline on how to install propane tankless water heater will help you to install the propane water heater very conveniently. May you are able to install it by following these steps.

If you face any kind of hassle or issue to install this tankless water heater contact a licensed and professional plumber to solve the deal.