Water heaters are essential appliances, as they are responsible for providing hot water to homes. When a water heater starts to leak underneath, it’s time to replace or move it.

Leaks are a sign of corrosion and will be worn inside the tank. Most water heaters last for at least 10 years and some remain fit for up to 20 years. Replace the water heater as soon as you notice any leaks to prevent flooding and further cleaning.

Is this article we try to make a detailed guide on how to move a water heater easily and correctly as your need?

8 Tips On How to Move a Water Heater

Collect Required Tools and Materials

Once you want to perform a tankless water heater maintenance, you will need several tools and equipment. As usual, when you will go to move your water heater you have to collect these tools and materials. Below we will provide a complete list of required equipment and tools. You should gather these materials before starting the water heater relocating.

Required Tools:

  • 4-inch 1 screwdriver
  • An adjustable wrench
  • Electrical tape
  • Pipe wrench
  • Plumbers tape
  • Safety glasses
  • Soldering torch
  • Measure Tape
  • Tube cutter
  • Voltage tester
  • Wirecutter/ stripper

Required Material

  • Discharge pipe/hose pipe
  • Pipe fittings
  • Pipe thread compound
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Solder
  • Connectors & Venting pipe
  • Gas and water pipe

That’s it. You can collect these tools from a professional plumber or buy it from the nearest store. And you can buy these materials from Amazon or the nearest store. There are no alternatives to buy these materials.

Get your New Location Ready

Once you have decided to relocate your water heater into another place with a new unit power supply, you have to select the new location where you want to install this appliance.

The garage/ parking area is a great option for you to relocate this water heater because this parking lot is an out-of-the-way location that has enough space for your tankless water heater.

Before selecting the new location, you need to be mindful of both water and gas connections on this new location for your Water heater.

May you have to call a professional plumber to reroute the natural gas and water lines in this place from the existing location of your home.

Besides it, there is a fact of re-piping the cost of relocating the water heater on your new location.

Turn off and Disconnect the Power Supply (Gas or Electric)

Before starting any kind of water heater maintenance you have to turn off the power supply into your tankless water heater. Now shut off the power supply on your water heater.

Be careful to turn off the power supply because the electric or gas power supply valve is a very dangerous point where you can get a dangerous shock.

After turn off it, you ought to check the electric voltage on your water heater through the voltage tester. Now disconnect the power supply from your water heater.

You should keep the power supply wire carefully to reuse this supply wire otherwise you have to buy a new supply wire for your new connection which will increase your relocate cost.

Shut off the Water Supply and Drain Water

This is time to turn off the water supply from your water heater and drain the water from it. So turn the water supply valve and shut off the water supply from this water heater.

Now, turn on all fixtures and faucets to shoot out the water. You can also drain the water on the bathtub and your toilet. Make sure the bathtub drain is open while you rinse water from the water heater.

Disconnect Pipes Connection

After draining all water you can disconnect both outlet and inlet pipes from your water heater. As well as you have to remove all kinds of pipe connectors and fittings so that you can reuse them on your new water heater installation. You ought to be careful while you are disconnecting pipes and its fittings as if it doesn’t break down.

Drain Remaining Water

Though you have drain water, there is some water remaining on its pipe. You have to drain the remaining water into a bucket. Here you can use the garden hose to drain the water on the bucket. Be careful to drain the water from pipes and tanks so that it doesn’t slip to break down or get damaged.

Once completed the draining process, you can close both inlet valves and outlet valves that will help you to remove it without getting wet.

Uninstall & Transport

After completed these steps above, your water heater is ready to move into a new location. Now you can relocate it to the place.

So. Why are you getting late? Uninstall the tankless water heater from the existing places and transport it with the help of your family member or friends.

Be careful while you are transporting it so that it doesn’t slip or fall down the cause to damage and null.

Reconnect with all Connection

This is the last step of your water heater relocating process. You have successfully moved the water heater into a new location.

Now you have to install it in this new place. So, reconnect with all kinds of connections like Gas/Electric supply line, inlet water supply, Outlet water supply, vent, and etc.

And reconnect the water supply pipe with pipes fittings and connector.

Be conscious to connect these supply lines again.


Be careful when draining water from the tank. It can be extremely hot and can burn your skin.

That’s the complete process. I hope you have successfully done this job by reading our article on how to move a water heater. In case you got any trouble moving this water heater. Contact a professional one to solve your problem.