Having problems with hot water in the shower? It is one of the most uncomfortable situations we’ve all been through. Turning on the tap and running hot water for showering, brushing teeth, or washing dishes has become essential in our day to day life.

The most difficult part of the process to solve our problems with hot water is to identify the reason why hot water does not come out or even a drop of water does not come out.

If you need urgent help, it is best to call a service to solve your problems quickly. However, we will tell you what are the main causes of hot water problems and how to fix hot water shower.

What are the Main Causes of your lack of Hot Water?

The low pressure of the water causes me problems with hot water diverse situations are those that can generate that there is little pressure of water.

It may be that cold water is the one that lowers the pressure. Therefore, you must first identify if the problem is in just one key or in the whole house.

If this line is under pressure, check how the water supplied by the boiler comes out of the house. In case the problem is there and it is not caused by leaks or obstructions, the solution is very easy.

Get a smart water pump that increases pressure. It will help you maintain the pressure levels you need so that everything works properly and you have no more problems with hot water.

In addition, it removes the inconvenience of not being able to open two showers at the same time since it will regulate the water pressure so that regardless of your consumption it flows properly.

In case, the problems with the water pressure appear in a single point you only have to clean the appliance through which the water comes out.

To clean the faucet you must take it apart and wash the parts, and in the case of the shower, you only have to remove the head to clean it well.

If the low water pressure continues or you have the problem throughout the house, and it was not before, it may be that the damage is being caused by a blockage in the pipe.

The most recommended in this case is to leave this problem in the hands of experts because most likely you will have to manipulate certain chemicals to make the repair.

To combat clogging we are going to Clean the Hot Water Pipes

The most common reason why we have problems with hot water is clogged pipes. They can be clogged by mud, lime, and other impurities that are usually in the water, reducing the diameter of the flow.

If you want to try a homemade solution before resorting to the help of a professional, we recommend you pour half a cup of baking soda and then a cup of white vinegar. After half an hour, pour 3 liters of boiling water. This mix may not be as efficient if your jam is lime.

For a lime jam, we recommend using caustic soda and hot water. You must be very careful since it can burn your skin, so you should wear gloves and for more protection safety glasses.

In a 3-liter container of water, dilute 3 cups of caustic soda and pour the mixture into the clogged pipe. Wait about half an hour and pour hot water into the pipe and this will decalcify.

In case you continue with your clogged pipe and the problems with the hot water persist, you can resort to a descaling chemical.

For your safety, we recommend contacting experts in pipe descaling since these chemicals are very toxic and due to their misuse an accident can easily occur.

The greatest enemy of our pipes is the passage of time. The speed with which our network deteriorates will depend on the type of pipe we have.

For example, if it is made of galvanized steel it will begin to rust and you will be able to see it in the quality of the water that arrives, in some points it will be dirty.

How to fix hot water shower

Hot water problems are caused by poor Heater Condition

When the boiler starts but does not heat the water, it could be due to different problems. The main one may be due to a lack of maintenance.

To find out if the problems are with the gas heater,  first check for signs of body corrosion. After this revision you must replace the metal parts that are rusty, do not forget that you must also examine and change the internal components.

Another sign of deterioration may be the color change of the water, through the tap or rusty water under the heater.

In case you notice some kind of humidity in the heater, the best thing you can do is replace it. This situation indicates a leak or that an area is flooded.

Although fix the heater, this signal warns us that at any time it will stop working and we will continue with the problems with hot water.

Keep in mind that the useful life of your heater is 8 to 15 years, everything will depend on the brand and the care you give it.

Why doesn’t hot water come out of the boiler?

With the boiler, it is much easier to identify if you have a fault that is causing us problems with hot water. When your boiler does not heat up or does not start and only sparks before calling a professional, you should check the gas system and make sure that there is no lack of gas in your boiler.

On the contrary, if your boiler is electric you should check the pilot lights to know if the root of the problem is electric and check if it is fixed by resetting the boiler.

The electric boilers notify us on their screen when they have an error showing the message “error display” with a number that if you give it to the technician you will facilitate and accelerate the repair since with this he will know how to act.

The main difficulty in repairing a boiler is identifying what the problem is. We will tell you about the most common problems that cause us problems with hot water, although, in general, it is better to contact a specialist.

A very common fault is the failure of the pipe or pump or the temperature probe and to solve this damage we only need to change the part that stopped working.

Another problem is the obstruction of the smoke outlet, this error will come out with a specific code in the electronic panel and that is explained in the instruction book, for prevention it should only be fixed by a boiler specialist.


Have you checked all of the above causes but still can’t find the fault? Let’s find out together the breakdown of your device in a few minutes by phone … as well as the way to repair it.

Find out experience, technical service will do everything possible to provide you with a solution on how to fix hot water shower at an affordable price.