A Tankless Water Heater provides hot water with a comfortable temperature for its lifetime. It observes this duty for more than 20 years with your care and maintenance.

In this winter, your pipes can be busted or broke for the freezing water that spends a lot of time and money to repair it. To avoid this hassle, you must drain the pipes before going on winter vacation.

Here we provide a complete tutorial on how to drain pipes for winter that helps you to perform your draining task without any error or issues.

There are several steps to perform for the pipes draining process. Keep following these steps below and complete your task.

7 Tips on How to Drain Pipes for Winter

Gather Materials

To complete your pipes draining mission, you need to use some tools and materials. Before starting the Tankless Water Heater maintenance you should collect these materials and equipment. The materials list has included below.

  • An Air Compressor
  • A long Garden hose
  • Anti-freeze ingredient
  • A Dishwasher

That’s it. You have to collect these materials from the nearest store or buy them from the Amazon.

Shut off Main Water Valve

This is the first step to start pipes draining. Find the main water valve under your Water Heater and shut off it by turn this valve.

This valve is located in different places in different houses which can allocate on the interior or exterior of your home. If you aren’t able to find the main water valve, contact your local water supply company, they can give you the right direction about this water valve.

Drain the Water from Pipes

After shut off the water supply valve, turn on all fixtures in your home. Drain all water outside of your home by attaching the garden hose.

Open all faucets and flush all toilets entire your home. You should start it from the top floor of your home and working away to the basement floor. Now remove your water closet cover and keep flashing out the water until your water supply running off.

Force the water out

Though you have drained off the water supply, there is few water belongs to the pipes. Now you have to use an air compressor to drain the remaining water. It also starts with the top floor and away down. Apply burst out of air mode on an air compressor for pipe drains in each several seconds.

Use Drain Appliances

Now turn on the dishwasher and run it into the drain line. Rinse both cold and hot water through the dishwasher which will clear the freezing water into your drain line.

Then Open the shut-off valve to all toilets and use compressed air blow for each second into the toilet and water closet. After complete this task, in a few minutes close the valve.

Drain Appliances - How to Drain Pipes for Winter

Extra Protection

For extra safety, you can use any kind of anti-freeze equipment. Pour the anti-freeze into your bathtub and sink drains line. Also, you can add a small amount of anti-freeze liquid to each toilet and bathroom.  There are many anti-freeze liquid available markets. You can buy and use any one of them.

Rinse the Pipes and Fixtures

This is the last task still you have to be done. Now turn on the water valve and allow to drain through all fixtures and faucets for a few minutes. Now it is ready to use again. You can use hot water through these pipes.

Short Tips: If you don’t want to spend more water and time to drain your pipes. Let turn off the main water valve and open your faucets to allow flash out the water at high speed. This Water release on high speed will decrease chances to burst the pipes


Hopefully, you have successfully completed the pipe draining task without any hassle or problem. If you have any questions about this maintenance. Let me know about it through the comment box below.

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