Tankless Water Heater is a very important accessory in your home which fulfills your hot water demand at a comfortable temperature. Though it is very simple and easy to use there is a little maintenance of this Tankless Water heater.

Tankless Water Heater body collect calcium and debris inside the water heater which makes the problem to heat your water and increase the heating costs. That’s why it’s very important to clean/flash the Tankless Water Heater once within 12 to 18 months.

This simple task will improve its efficiency and lifetime of your water heater. It’s also high time to clean the air filter inside the heater while you are making the flush with food-grade, white vinegar.

How to Clean Tankless Water Heater

Here we make a complete tutorial about How to Clean Tankless Water Heater that will help you to flash your water heater simply.

Collect Required Equipments

Here are some things you will need to clean your Tankless Water Heater. You have to collect these materials before start the flashing.

These materials are:

  • A Bucket ( 5 Gallon )
  • Two Stainless steel washing hose
  • A submersible pump
  • Four Gallon white food-grade vinegar

You can gather these equipments from the nearest grocery store or buy from Amazon which is very easy and simple.

Select the Shut Off Valves

May you notice, there is a color-coded handle under your water heater. These levers will shut off its water and gas supply.

If your water heater is ON the levers will set in-line. You have to make it perpendicular position and shut off the supplies. The central yellow handle manages Gas supply, the blue handle manage cold water intake and red handle manage the hot water outflow supply. So you should notice and remember the handles carefully.

At this time, you can unplug your water heater unit from the wall socket.

Unscrew the Cold and Hot Water Service Valve

It is time to shut off supplies through the color-coded handles. So turn the levers and make it perpendicular to shut off the supplies on your water heater.

Then you can open the service valve. Before opening the service valve you have to make ready your equipments.

Note: There is an external electronic pump attached on the wall near the floor which exposed air on the device through the vents. So you should try to avoid getting water on this pump to get rid of the short circuit.

Now get ready your bucket and open the cold water service valve. Make sure the water shouldn’t shoot out on the floor so that it can’t make a flood on your floor.

You can place a hosepipe on this service valve to a bucket to get water in the bucket and avoid the water shoot out.

After completing the cold water side, you can try the hot water corner. May your water heater set only 120 degrees F and The hot water valve temperature depends on how long your water heater is sat idle.

So be careful to open the hot water service valve as if you burn yourself from the hot water.

Make ready the bucket and unscrewed the hot water service slowly because the hot water will shoot out very quickly in a larger quantity than the cold waterside. So plugged the hose on the hot water valve and drain into the bucket.

Rinse Vinegar and Set Up the Pump

Now make empty the bucket by discarded the water that you have flash out from your water heater. And fill your bucket with 4-gallon white food-grade vinegar.

Attach a hose with cold water intake (Blue) service valve into top of the submersible pump. At the same time, connect another hose with the outlet (Red ) service valve. Make sure all connections held tightly. But do no plug the pump.

It’s time to place the sump pump into the vinegar bucket. Then plug the pump into a wall socket because there is no ON/Off switch on this pump.

It will transfer the vinegar into the water heater through a blue color valve and flash out the vinegar into Bucket through the red color valve bucket.

Though the manufacturer declared 45 minutes it takes more than 60 minutes to clean properly. So you can take leave for 60-90 minutes until it completes the cleaning process.

Clean the Air Intake Filter

You can clean the air intake filter while your vinegar circulating entire the water heater. If you’ve noticed an error message “027” on its display that means it is important to clean the air filter.

The air intake filter is allocated inside the tankless water heater behind its faceplate. So you have to remove the faceplate to get the air filter.

There are four screws hold the faceplate. To remove the faceplate you need to unplug 2 screws on top and 2 screws on the bottom.

After Unhook the faceplate you can see 1 screw held toward the air filter. Now unscrew it and pull it slightly then turn left slightly over the pump. Lastly, remove the filter from your water heater.

Now it’s time to clean the air filter and make it flash and blast out with water.

How to Clean Tankless Water Heater

Flush Out the Vinegar From your Tankless Water Heater

After circulating the vinegar until 60 to 90 minutes, it turns to flash out the vinegar and rinse it from your water heater.

Now unplug your water heater and the submersible pump. Drain the vinegar into a bucket and keep it for a while because you should dismount it into a toilet or a safe place where has no grass and plants.

Place the empty bucket under your Tankless Water Heater. After that, unscrew the hose from the intake supply (Blue) valve and place the cold water service pipe.

Now allow about 4-5 Gallons of water through the water heater and rinse it on your bucket via the hot water supply hose.

Once again check the water filter and inspect it for debris. Now rinse the water from the water filter and screw them again.

Reattach all parts and Turn it on

Now your Tankless Water is completely flushed and the air filter thoroughly cleaned. This is the time to resemble everything. So start to open the service valve.

Before opening the valves, make sure everything is capped off tightly.

Now open the cold water valve and then open the hot water valve. And last open the Gas service valve. Then place all service pipe and line on this color-coded service valves.

At last, it is still working to be done. Plug your Water Heater and check all connections.

Why Clean the Water Heater?

Proper maintenance of the water heater (at least once a year) will help you save money: it increases the life of the heater, prevents breakdowns, avoids the need to buy a new one, and guarantees the efficient use of energy.

Buying a heater can be an unexpected economic expense for your home and do some small work. If the water in your area is hard, more frequent cleaning may be necessary, as all kinds of sediment tend to accumulate quickly.

The accumulation of sediment, lime, and minerals in most of the times is the main cause of the problems. Bacteria can cause a bad smell in the water heater.

Final Note

I hope you have got some idea about how to clean tankless water heater by yourself. But If you do not have the time, or having hesitation, or prefer to have the heater serviced by a professional team, it is important to choose a company with years of experience in cleaning this type of appliance, serious and with highly qualified personnel among its workers.

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