The electric consumption of the water heater is one of the most important expenses in the energy bill of each home. So if you want to save energy at home, you should choose the most appropriate way to heat water well.

The options are two (electric heater and gas heater) and next, we will see the advantages that each of them has. In today’s article, you will discuss the comparison and advantages of Gas or Electric Water Heater.


Advantages of Heating Water with Electricity

The standard electric heater is a water tank between 50 and 100 liters with a resistance that heats the water accumulated inside. When the set temperature is reached, the resistance turns off and turns back on when the water cools.

These are the main benefits of electric water heater:

  • Installation is easier if all other appliances are powered by electricity.
  • Electric water heater does not need gas installation
  • It can be placed in different parts of the house, as it does not need a gas installation or butane cylinders.
  • Hot water comes out as soon as you turn on the tap.
  • The water temperature is constant.
  • Electricity is theoretically safer than gas.
  • There are programmable thermoses that allow you to set an on and off time, reducing energy consumption.

EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater


Advantages of Heating Water with Gas

In gas heaters, a gas burner is responsible for heating the water. The gas ignites the flame when the faucet is turned on, so the hot water takes time to come out.

Here are the biggest advantages of gas heaters:

  • Gas is cheaper than electricity.
  • The water is unlimited, it is not cut. (With an electric thermos, when the hot water runs out, you have to wait for a new tank to heat up).
  • It is very easy to install if the house already has a gas installation.

Gas Water Heater- Gas or Electric Water Heater


Which of the two is Cheaper?

Now we go with the questions that most interest users: How much does an electric heater spend? How much does a gas heater consume? In short, which of the two is cheaper.

Although we have said that gas is cheaper than electricity that does not mean that the electrical consumption of the thermos is more expensive than the consumption of gas.

Here the conventional electric heater beats the boiler because it has 100% efficiency (Far from 70-85% of a conventional gas heater). In other words, all the electricity it uses is transformed into heat.

What’s more, if the electric heater uses a heat pump the efficiency shoots up to 400% (It can heat 4 times more than it consumes).

On the other hand, cost also influences the amount of water used and the schedule since, as you know, electricity is not the same at all times of the day.


Final Verdict on Gas or  Electric Water Heater?

So which of the two options to choose? It depends on the consumption of hot water in the home. The more hot water consumed, the more profitable the gas becomes.

As a general rule, experts recommend the electric heater for those who have a moderate consumption of hot water. In houses where two or three people live, the thermos may be the best option.

The saving is more significant if you consider what time the light is cheaper, heating the water in the off-peak hours, where electricity is cheaper. For cases where consumption is going to be higher, a gas heater is definitely a better option.

So, I hope that you made your decision about buying between Gas or Electric Water Heater. If you find this article informative then don’t forget to share it with your family and friends that may help them too.

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