In the modern age, the Water heater becomes the most important appliances in our home. That provides an effective and fast method to get hot water instantly on the fixtures and faucets.

There are different types of water heaters available in the world of water heater technology. It is a bit difficult to choose a perfect water heater from various options.

Our team members had completed a short investigation of various kinds of water heaters. And finally, they are able to gather full descriptions with their maintenance, benefits, and drawbacks information.

We are pleased to present the full information about these water heaters. You must read the full article before going to buy a new model of water heaters.

Types of Water Heater

There are five common types of water heater available in the water heater market. Including the Conventional storage Water Heater, Tankless Water Heater, Heat pump Water Heater, Solar Water Heater, and the Condensing Water Heaters.

We made a complete guideline about different types of water heaters. That will provide the full information with benefits and drawbacks about the water heaters.

Conventional Storage Tank Water Heater

Conventional water heaters are the most common water heaters which are well-known as the Tank Water heater. They consist of an insulated tank to hold water for heat and storage it until needed the hot water.

These water heaters are typically more energy saver in natural gas supply than the electric supply. Whatever, conventional water heaters are available with both electric and gas power systems.

The conventional water heater contains two valves including pressure valve and the temperature control valve. The temperature control valves open to release and moderate the temperature while it crosses around of 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

And the pressure control valves open to lower its pressure while it crosses 150 Psi. This type of water heater is commonly used in family households. It will supply hot water according to its storage capacity.

In other words, you are limited to use hot water according to how much water storage in your water heater tank.

Conventional Storage Tank Water Heater

Maintenance of Tank Water heater

Storage tank water heater requires regular maintenance and care to operate them efficiently for their lifetime.  They must be drained and flushed to remove sediment and buildup at least once or twice a year.

Though its lifespan depends on your maintenance and care, the statistical life span of the conventional is around 12 years.

Advantages of using Conventional storage-tank water heater

This Tank Water heater keeps uniform heat entire the tank which provides the hot water in a comfortable temperature. There is an attractive and eye fascinating design in this conventional storage-tank water heater. Moreover, it is pretty simple and quite easy to install the tank water heater.

Cons of the Conventional Water heater

This water heater holds water on storage to heat until needed. The storage tank stays full with hot water all the time. That uses extra energy to keep warm the storage tank water while you are not using the hot water.

In other words, a 40-gallon water heater spends energy to heat 40 gallons of water all day long. That makes a large amount of energy cost in your monthly energy bill.

Tankless Water heater

As you guess, there is no tank in the tankless water heater. This type of water heater is manufactured with the latest technology and modern features.

There is a superb-heated coil that is filled with water to heat water as your demand. That’s why it is called On-demand Water Heater.

This is a great choice to heat water on your demand in a little time span. It is capable to fill up your daily hot water demand in the small family even a large family.

The Tankless water heater comes in different sizes for different household’s water demand. You have to ensure your daily hot water demand to select the perfect size for your family.

Otherwise, a smaller water heater will be unable to provide hot water in a comfortable and uniform temperature. On the other hand, a larger water heater will spend more energy to provide hot water in your small family.

Maintenance of Tankless Water heater

Though there is no tank with an on-demand water heater, you have to flush and clean the water heater to remove mineral scale at least once in a single year.

That will protect erosion and enlarge the lifetime of the water heater. Though it is a little bit difficult to access and clean the smaller parts, you can make it easy by following manual steps. With the maintenance and wellness care, a tankless water heater lasts for 8-10 years.

Advantages of using Tankless Water heater

Tankless Water Heaters heats water on demand. When you need to use hot water, it will run automatically and heat the water.

That makes it incredibly energy efficient than other water heaters style. As well as it is more energy efficient in natural Gas supply.

Whatever, it is a space saver water heater that saves your valuable space in your room.  And they have eye fascinating style with attractive design. Moreover, it is lightweight with multiple facilities and modern features in a small structure.

The downside of this Tankless style

Sometimes there is a lower gas supply in local areas that is capable to run a smaller model of the water heater. But several Tankless Water heater demands high power connection with a large amount of natural gas.

May it is a big deal for some users. In other words, you need to invest a significant amount of money to purchase or renovation your gas supply line.

Solar Powered Water Heater

The solar water heater is one of the most energy-efficient among the water heaters. That works using roof-mounted solar panels which absorb the sun’s heat and transfer it towards the closed-loop system to heat water.

This can save a large amount of money on sunny days and work particularly well for those who live in warm and sunny climates. Moreover, they contain a backup plan such as electricity or natural gas to heat the water in cold weather or rainy days.

Solar Power Tank

Maintenance of Solar Water Heater

Like the conventional water heater, you must clean the storage tank regularly to remove buildup and prevent corrosion. You should also consider regular maintenance on solar panels to work particularly for its lifetime.

Benefits of using Solar-powered water heater

The style of water heaters is super energy-efficient and eco-friendly as well. If your area weather provides warm and sunny days it will save a large amount of money on water heating bill. Moreover, there is no big deal with electricity or natural gas supplier to run the solar water heater.

Drawbacks of Solar Water Heater

The solar-powered water heater uses an alternatives power supply to continue the water heating system in cold weather and rainy days. This is like a hassle for you. Whatever, this type of water heater is incredibly expensive for several buyers. Sometimes it takes up to 30 years to recover your large investment.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat pump water heaters are well-known as hybrid electric water heaters that capture heat from the air or ground then transfer it towards the water.

This type of water heater uses the electricity to move heat from the air or ground. As a result, they save up to 60 percent of water heating bill costs than the traditional style of electric water heaters.

The hybrid water heaters don’t work well in cold weather cause of its pump set at the top of this heater appliance. This style of water heater requires almost 8 feet clearance from floor to ceiling.

Maintenance of heat pump water heaters

Like the conventional water heaters, the heat pump water heaters have a storage tank. You need to flush and clean the tank at least one or a couple of times in a single year. Simple maintenance of these water heaters will prevent corrosion and last for a long time.

Advantages of using Heat pump water heaters

This style of water heaters is incredibly energy efficient among the electric water heaters. Whatever, it saves up to 60 percent of the electric bill that will return your investment as lower the electric bill.

Cons of heat pump water heaters

They rely on heat from the ground or air and transfer it to the tank. So it requires a large clearance to work properly. For the cause of high space, it can’t work properly in cold spaces where it is cold for a long period.

However, this style of water heaters is the most expensive model among water heaters. You must have a large amount of investment to purchase and set up it.

Condensing Water Heaters

The condensing water heaters are the best choices for your family home, which used the expelled gas as its energy source. This type of Water heaters funnels the exhaust natural gas system and fumes through a coil which set at the bottom of the tank. Finally, it captures heat from here and uses it to heat storage tanks water.

This style of water heater contains a tank to store the water. So you have to assure the hot water demand in your family. And then purchase a perfect size of water heaters for your family.

condensing water heater - different types of water heaters

Maintenance of Condensing Water heaters

It must be cleaned and flushed the tank at least once in a year just like the other version of water heaters. Moreover, you need to check regularly its gas supply valves and clean it as well.

Pros of using Condensing water heaters

Usually, this is an energy-efficient style of water heaters for large families who heat a vast amount of water with natural gas. Generally, it contains a large tank to fulfill your family’s demand.

Drawbacks of these Condensing Water Heaters

This style of water heaters isn’t available in a smaller size for a smaller family demand of around 55 gallons. Whatever, it isn’t a good choice for the home that doesn’t have a natural gas supply.

Apart from these, there are also two different types of water heaters according to energy sources.

These are:

  • Electric Water Heaters
  • Gas Water Heaters

Electric Water Heaters

This is a common type of water heaters that use electric source to heat water as its energy. There is several style of water heaters uses electric supply.

There is a heating coil placed into the water heaters storage tank or its system that absorbs the electricity and provides heat towards the water.

Electric Water Heater is a temperature valve to moderate the temperature. It will open and shut down when its temperature crosses the heat level.

Most of the water heaters consist of 120 degrees F as the temperature level.  Whatever, you don’t have to adjust any kind of vent pipe to install this electric water heater.

It needs regular maintenance of the electric power and its supply valves. With well care and regular maintenance, an electric Water Heater lasts around 20 years.

Gas Water Heaters

This is a well-known and common water heater in the world of water heaters technology. This type of water heater uses Natural Gas as its energy source.

They are more energy-efficient than electric water heaters. Whatever, they save up to 60 percent of energy cost in your monthly energy bill.

But you need to adjust a vent pipe to exhaust the gas and smoke outside of your home. You have to consider the vent pipe height according to your neighbor’s ventilation system.

What type of Water Heaters is best?

Whether you are anxious to choose the best type of water heaters, we can assist you to select the best one of them. The tankless Water heater is one of the best water heaters among all of them.

This type of water heaters save your valuable space in your home as well it is more energy-efficient than other types of water heaters.

By monitoring and reviewing the above information about different types of water heaters we can say, tankless water heaters are the best choices for you. That will provide hot water on your demand.


Hopefully, this article has helped you to know about different types of water heaters. Whether you are anxious about any style of water heaters, contact us about your confusion. We will make a clear idea about your issue.